Unified TEAM Communications

Unify your workgroup communications. One platform. One provider. Connect all teams instantly.

Talk between devices and across networks. A team communications solution is designed for the demands of the industrial and commercial worker.

Take Your Communications Further.
Today, the power of unified communications is expanding beyond the traditional office space and into the industrial areas where production line workers, hotel housekeeping, security staff, utilities linesmen and other workers outside of the “four walls” face different challenges compared to their office counterparts.


Team and Unified Communications

Instantly Push-to-Talk Across All Your Communication Devices.

Radios: Use radios (whether MOTOTRBO, APX or third-party brands) for workers that need the loudest, clearest audio on a purpose-built device that can handle the worst conditions.

Smartphones: Use WAVE's iOS or Android app for instant connectivity to teams and individuals from any location.

Computers: Use dispatch applications to talk with team members, create and tear down patches between channels and manage user access from wherever your laptop goes.

Telephones: Add telephony integration with WAVE to add PTT capabilities to the infrastructure you already have in place.

Internet of Things: Augment your communications with sensors and data designed to simplify your workflows and increase intelligence.

Communicate Without Boundaries.
Instantly connect the industrial staff carrying two-way radios or other devices with the team members using smartphones, tablets or laptops as their preferred device back at the office. With the WAVE broadband PTT application, workers can simply push and talk, leveraging the convenience of talkgroups and priority calling. Overcome network, device, and geographic boundaries and unify teams anywhere, anytime with business-critical information.

Communicate With Added Intelligence.
Purpose-built applications like work order ticket management, dispatch and location tracking are available on smartphone and desktop platforms, but also designed for use on digital mobile radios for workers in the industrial workspace. With Unified Workgroup Communications, critical intelligence from Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), SCADA or other sources is shared immediately between those who know and those who need to know to make your business safer, more efficient and more successful.

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